Carolyn Huresky Daydreams and Joy


After being raised in Marietta, GA and graduating with a BA from the University of Georgia,  Carolyn Huresky moved to Crested Butte, CO to live out her dream of living in the mountains. In the 20 years that Carolyn has lived in Crested Butte, she has married, had two children, and enjoys everything the surroundings of Crested Butte has to offer. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Carolyn discovered a passion for polymer clay jewelry work and also stumbled across layered shadow boxes while online. Her curiosity led her to some shadow box tutorials and has since applied those teachings to create both her illuminated and colored shadow boxes. 

 From Carolyn: 

My polymer clay pieces are made by conditioning, rolling, cutting, baking, and polishing the clay. I personally mold, form, and make each piece of clay in my jewelry which gives every piece of my jewelry its own unique aesthetic and energy. While in the process of creating, I’m drawn to both bright and vibrant colors as well as earthy, muted tones. My current work shows my affinity towards geometric and modern shapes and my hopes are people will wear my jewelry and feel bold, confident, and stylish!

In the past year, my shadow box work has been geared towards familiar sights in Crested Butte. With so much in the area for inspiration, I’ve taken my love for the outdoors and created various scenes that are dear to me. You can see Mt. Crested Butte, Gothic Mountain, Paradise Divide and other local landmarks in my work. I design the scenes on my computer, and then cut each layer of paper using a machine. Some of the designs are very detailed, which requires me to hand cut some areas and fine tune the details after the initial cutting. The cut paper is then layered piece by piece into the shadow box and lights are added to the illuminated boxes. My hopes are the illuminated boxes will be used on a coffee table, a mantel, or used to brighten up someone’s guest rooms! I use bright and bold colors in my colored shadow boxes and love how the colors really pop when placed on the wall. Color and depth is turning out to be a big part of my work. Enjoy!



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