DIY Polymer Clay Kit

DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Kit Instructions
Thank you for purchasing your DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Kit! A few helpful tips about the instructional videos: 
  • Watch the videos in order from top to bottom
  • Make sure your videos are playing in the highest resolution possible. See the picture below how to access these settings in your YouTube videos (click the gear icon).
  • You might want to watch the video at a fast speed first to get the hang of the process (see how to change that setting below) and then watch it again in regular speed to make your earrings. Make sure to hit 'pause' when needed while making your jewelry!
  • You can view the videos in full screen by clicking the square icon on the bottom, right-hand corner of the video.

Note: My hands are a little roughed up and healing from scraping them on the concrete during a market. Please forgive the unsightly knuckles! ;) 




Please post pictures of your creations and tag me on Instagram and Facebook @daydreamsandjoy ! I'd love to see them! 



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